Features of a Good Queen Size Bed


Queen size beds are considered a rage because they provide the sleepers with the best sleeping experience. A bed usually provides cushioning to the person lying on it. This feature is common for all kinds of beds. Then we divide beds into different types, each having its own features and providing a different level of comfort to different kinds of sleepers. Queen size beds are roomy and provide extra space for two people. In this age of multitasking, they give you the best experience by providing all the support your body needs. This article will provide you with an insight into a good queen size bed.


The best length for a good queen size mattress is 6.8’. The width that is considered to be the best one is 5’. In case a headboard is present, the length would be more than 6.8’. If pull-out drawers are present, then more width would be required so that the drawers can come out completely. Queen size beds are usually offered at a low price. This low price makes them the best choice because we cannot make any compromise between quality and price. A person would want a mattress that provides him the best sleeping experience. This thing depends on the quality of the mattress. At the same time, he would want to save money. His prime focus would be choosing something that fits into his budget.

A good queen size bed will take care of both these needs and requirements. It will provide you more room, the best quality and all this at a friendly price. With the money saved, you would be able to spare some of it to buy extra accessories for your bedroom. The dimensions provided above are the best sizes for the mattress, not for the bed. The bed can be chosen on the basis of the dimensions of the mattress.

Different from king sized beds:

Normally, a queen size bed has a length of 6.8’. In this way, it provides enough space and length to accommodate even the tallest person in the house. On the other hand, a king size bed is 6.4’ long. Though both beds can accommodate two people, but most sleepers still prefer queen size beds.

Factors that affect choices:

It is extremely important to choose the bed after assessing all the factors. The size of the room plays an important role. There must be enough space to allow walking. Also, if you want to add extra furniture and accessories, choose the size of your mattress accordingly because it is going to affect you and your lifestyle.

Conclusion: Queen size beds offer the best kind of sleep, but some factors need to be considered before you jump to any conclusion. Keep in mind the size of your room and the space it allows. Extra accessories you have installed and also the type of bed your body requires.